Tweets from the Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Workshop

Several of our top nature twitterers were posting news from the workshop yesterday, fast and furious. You can see it all on #MandaiMM, or better still, read them chronologically arranged – Ivan Kwan (@VaranusSalvator) has storified them here.

#MandaiMM Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Workshop (with images, tweets) · VaranusSalvator · Storify

See you this Saturday at NUS LT25 for the Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Workshop!

Dear friends,

Thank you for registering for the workshop!

The Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Workshop will be held at LT25 at NUS’ Faculty of Science this Saturday from 9.00am. LT25 is next to the Science Canteen which opens early; see:

Early bird coffee
The programme is scheduled to begin at 9.00am, and we will have early bird coffee from Spinelli’s available for those who come at 8.00am. This is in the belief that the most important conversations happen over coffee!

Please register at the door with our friendly volunteers. We will ask you to write a label with your first name and your relationship to Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat to take a photo! You get editorial priviledge to reshoot for your best side!

The programme is available here:
Expect some tweaks before Saturday but we have a good assemblage already which we can look forward to.

Lunch and teas
Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research has kindly sponsored the lunch and the two light teas. This enables enough breaks for us to take a breather and enjoy the typically good conversations during such meetings and reflection.

If you have any queries, simply reply this email and ask!

See you soon.


Sivasothi aka Otterman
On behalf of the Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Workshop team

An invitation to join us at the 2013 Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Workshop!

Dear mangrove friends,

This is Dan Friess and N. Sivasothi from the National University of Singapore inviting you to come hear about one of Singapore’s most precious ecosystems, at the Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Workshop 2013!

Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat has been a hot spot for mangrove studies in Southeast Asia over the past half-century. This heavily studied site is a valuable bank of zoological, botanical and ecological research for Singapore and the region.

However, Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat is relatively unknown beyond the scientific community and has an uncertain future. We want to communicate the huge base of scientific knowledge available for this mangrove in order to properly assess its status and promote its conservation.

Presentations will showcase the interdisciplinary importance of Mandai, and include botany, ecology, seagrass, crabs, bivalves, insects, birds, geography, geomorphology, sea level rise, biochemistry and management!

These “Research Highlights” presentation highlights are five minutes in length to allow for an overview; see the provisional programme!

WHEN: Saturday, 31st August 2013, 9.30am – 5.30pm

WHERE: Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore

To attend, please sign up immediately
– do this as soon as possible to help us make preparations for catering and to secure an appropriate venue.

Please feel free to circulate this invitation to others who may be interested to attend.

If you are able to present your current or former research work in a five minute presentation, please register under the “Call for Papers“.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Mandai Workshop.

Dan Friess, N. Sivasothi and the Symposium Secretariat.

Call for Papers

Our objectives

  1. To bring together the large number of researchers and practitioners who have worked at Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat for discussion and collaboration.

  2. To collate information on the type and period of research activities that have been conducted at Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat

  3. To create a directory of research and researchers at Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat

  4. To submit a report of research at Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat to relevant government agencies

Get involved!


Please note that the window closes on Saturday, June 15, 2013, at 2359hrs.